Simple, Reliable, and Affordable

General purpose barcode scanners combine value and control for easy accurate scanning in many types of retail, warehouse, manufacturing, and healthcare applications.

There are many factors to consider when looking for a barcode scanner:

  • Handheld (triggered) or hands-free (presentation)
  • Tethered (corded) or wireless (cordless)
  • Laser, CCD, or imager
  • Barcode density, decode distance

Whether you are scanning 1D UPC codes or 2D Data Matrix codes, SSE Technologies will help you find the right scanner for your needs based on your industry, environment and requirements. Call us at 1-800-729-2444 to discuss your application requirements.

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Linear (1D) Corded Scanners
Zebra LS2208

General purpose laser, all interfaces.

Honeywell 1300G

Newest, highest performance linear imager – All interfaces.

Zebra LS4208

General Purpose Bar Code Scanner

Honeywell 1200G

Newest Voyager. General purpose. Retail.

2D Corded Scanners
Honeywell 1900G

General purpose-all linear and 2D codes

Zebra DS4308

General purpose 1D, 2D

Zebra DS2208

Retail. Economical 1D, 2D

Zebra DS8108

Hi-Performance. Industrial and Healthcare

Honeywell 1950g

Premium Performance and Class-leading Durability

Cordless Scanners
Honeywell 1202G

Voyager for retail environments.

Zebra DS8178

Highest Performance 1D, 2D Cordless

Zebra DS2278

Retail. Economical 1D, 2D Cordless

Zebra LI42278

General purpose 1D

CypherLab 1600

Pocket-sized scanner

Honeywell 1452G

Economical 1D, 2D cordless Barcode Scanner

Hands-Free Presentation Scanners

Hi-performance presentation scanner

Honeywell 1200G

Newest Voyager. General purpose. Retail.