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Portable Data Terminals and Mobile Data Terminals

Portable data terminals, also called mobile data terminals, are the optimal choice for data management activities in warehousing, receiving, inventory management, vehicle mount, route management and a host of other applications. Most of our portable data terminals (PDTs) have wireless networking capability (802.11b). Others are batch enabled with a variety of OS including Pocket PC, Win CE, DOS and Palm. They feature integrated imager or laser barcode and RFID readers.

Dolphin 9700 | portable data terminal

9700 -Enterprise style-Imager, all 1Dand 2D codes. WAN,LAN, Bluetooth

DolphinŽ 6100 Mobile Computer

6100 - Economical -Enterprise PDA with Imager

MC 9190 | portable data terminal

MC 9190 - Ruggedized, feature packed gun style industrial unit suitable for use in tough environments. 802.11bg, Bluetooth & CDMA.


MC9200 - Newest - Handheld Warehouse Mobile Computer 802.11, Bluetooth & CDMA.

Compact PDA style, 1D or 2D scanner, VOIP, camera

MC55 - Compact PDA style, 1D or 2D scanner, VOIP, camera

MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)

MC75 - Enterprise Mobility wireless terminal with integrated scanner  Windows Mobile 6.0

cordless barcode scanners | P460

MT2000 - Data Collector- Bluetooth, USB, 802.11.

PT630 DOS mobile terminal

PT630 - Low Cost DOS batch terminal with integrated scanner

Replacement Batteries for portable terminals.


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