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Inventory System

IN/TRAK , our Radio Frequency or batch based inventory package, has been designed to facilitate shipping, receiving, order entry and warehouse management with the ability to maintain a perpetual inventory in remote locations. Modular in design, this software package can be scaled to any business environment.

Radio frequency data terminals are used to dispatch orders to pickers, perform physical inventory, move products within the warehouse, and for shipping and receiving. As the data terminal is an extension of the network, real-time data management is ensured.


System Features include:

  • Ability to maintain a stored inventory condition and a pending use inventory condition
  • Ability to identify a skid of material and enter the quantity contained on the skid without having to scan each box
  • Ability to increase the number of items by entering the quantity and then scanning only one bar code for that product
  • Ability to easily modify or create system generated reports.
  • Ability to create and manually assign product numbers and bar codes.
  • Multiple levels of security.
  • All automated functionality can be reproduced manually.
  • Search and inquiry capabilities for all transactions
  • On-line viewing of reports with a print option
  • Ability to create purchase orders and compare quantities on hand and the amounts on order
  • On screen order notification. Notify purchaser that the order was received, completed, place on back order, etc.
  • Static threshold reorder points and statistical reorder analysis (forecasting).
  • Ability to generate alerts for low threshold product quantities.
  • Radio frequency distributed network
  • Up-scale to Client/Server environment.