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FM-204 Fixed Mount 2D Imager

FM-204 Fixed Mount 2D Imager

The FM-204 utilizes Adaptus Imaging from Hand Held Products, the latest in bar code scanning technology, to scan and decode all popular bar code symbologies in any orientation (360 degree reading).

With no moving parts, the FM-204 is a reliable and durable product. The FM-204 comes with everything built-in, so it doesn't require external decoder boxes, illumination, or interface adapters. The FM-204 is completely self contained and outputs via either RS-232 or USB communciations.

The FM-204 is perfect for clinical, kiosk, medical, manufacaturing, and other applications where a small fixed mount scanner is required.

The FM204 is a compact Area Imager barcode scanner for fixed mount applications. Occupying a volume of approximately 1 cubic inch, it reads most linear and 2D symbologies including:
PDF417, Datamatrix, Aztec and QR code.