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barcode verifiers

Barcode Verifiers

Barcode verifiers are Quality Control test instruments that verify a barcode's print conformance to ANSI Standards. Selection of the correct verifier is very application dependent. Important criteria for verifier selection include the symbologies to be verified and the density ("x" factor) of the barcodes. (See application note below) Portable printers are options. Please contact us for assistance toll-free at 800-729-2444.

For an overview of Axicon verifiers click here

Send us your barcode labels for quality evaluation.

6015 Barcode Verifier 6515 | barcode verifier 7015 Barcode Verifier
6015 Tethered ISO verifier for UPC, EAN and other short linear codes 6515 Barcode Verifier- ISO standard verifier for code up to 120mm length. 7015 Tethered ISO verifier for long codes on cartons or other places

D4000L | barcode verifier

2D Barcode Verifier Portable Barcode Verifier
RJS  D4000LTraditional test liner Verifier.
2D Barcode Verifier ISO. Linear and 2D codes up to 40 mm in size

Portable Barcode Verifier ISO verification.  Portability and printing. Carry anywhere in the factory

Portable Barcode Verifier Golden Barcode  
Scan Analyzer Display barcode type, content, "hidden characters" Golden Barcode comparison checker Compares multiple codes to a standard to confirm content accuracy. Patent Pending  

What is barcode verification?

Testing the barcode to assure itís parameters conform to industry standards and verify the content is correct. Barcodes are usually evaluated and given a grade of A through F.

Why verify barcodes?

Simply, good verification will assure the barcode will be readable by all parties in the supply chain, facilitating speedy, accurate inventories and movement of goods from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and user.

Criteria for verification

Specific items tested in the barcode verification process include:
  • Code Content
  • Code Symbology
  • Readability-an overall evaluation
  • Bar growth-tolerances on bar width
  • Quiet Zone-Clear area before and after the code
  • Reflectivity
  • Contrast of printed code

Selecting a verifier

Determine which symbologies are in use. Decide if portability is required.

Define the maximum length of the barcode in inches or millimeters  

Many users provide us with samples of their codes for evaluation to enable us to recommend which verifier may be the right choice for the application. Call us at 800 729-2444; we look forward to the opportunity to assist you.

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