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Barcode Scanners

A broad range of scanners is available to match your application. For an overview refer to our barcode scanner selection criteria. Application assistance is only a call away at 800-729-2444.

General Purpose Barcode Scanners

Linear imager barcode scanner

linear barcode scanners | IT3800 family

IT3800g Linear Imaging Scanner - Latest 3800 series linear imager-hi-performance with very wide working distance.

Hyperion 1300g Linear Imaging Scanner

1300g - Newest, highest performance linear imager-All interfaces.


Laser Barcode Scanners

laser barcode scanners | LS2208 LS2208 - General purpose laser, all interfaces.
laser barcode scanners | LS4208 LS4208 - Industrial, High Performance, all interfaces.
cordless barcode scanners | LS3478

LS 3408ER - Reads out to 40 feet for warehouse applications.

General purpose; Retail.  | 1200g

1200g - Newest Voyager. General purpose. Retail.

Fixed Mount Modules

FM-204 Fixed Mount 2D Imager

FM-204 - Miniature fixed position Imaging Scanner-All linear and 2D codes.

FM-204 Fixed Mount 2D Imager

FM-5 - Small hi performance area imager - All linear and 2D codes.

3310 | 2d barcode scanners

3310g - 1 & 2D Codes. USB & RS232 interfaces.

Cordless Barcode Scanners

4820 Cordless 2D Image Scanner

4820 - cordless Bluetooth scanner for 2d and 1d barcodes.

3820 Cordless Linear Image Scanner

3820 - 33' range, Bluetooth, retail, receiving, work in process (WIP).

General purpose; Retail.  | 1202g

1202g - Voyager for retail environments.

cordless barcode scanners | P460

SF51 - Small, linear imager. Portable, Bluetooth for field operations.

cordless barcode scanners | P460

DS3578 - Bluetooth for all 1 and 2D codes.

cordless barcode scanners | P460

MT2000 - Data Collector- Bluetooth, USB, 802.11.

ls3578 LS3578ER - Rugged Industrial long rande linear - to 40 feet.
cordless barcode scanners | LS3478

LS3578FZ - Rugged Industrial hi-performance linear.

cordless barcode scanners | LI4278

LI4278 - General purpose linear.

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